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Business Coaching

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Business Coaching

The Part-Time CFO, Inc. traditionally approaches a small business as an accountant answering the small business’ accounting and financial reporting difficulties. In fact, we possess skills and experience far beyond the field of accounting. As a result, our consultants frequently find themselves in a position of ongoing counsel to the entrepreneur confronted with problems he never anticipated when he started his business – Problems our consultants generally have seen over and over again.

  • IR6Y9752A unique element of Part-Time CFO, Inc. services is that whenever possible, we generally provide services at the client’s location. For the client, this provides an element of comfort in terms of better management coverage, and for The Part-Time CFO, Inc., it provides a better understanding of both the small business and its needs – both now and in the future.
  • The comforts and benefits of this ongoing presence frequently leads to The Part-Time CFO, Inc. consultant being considered by the small business as part of the company’s “Management Team,” and for the entrepreneur, a relative Business Coach.

Improving Your Business

With an ongoing relationship with The Part-Time CFO, Inc. the business and needs of that business are better understood by the “provider.” Additionally, The Part-Time CFO, Inc. through its ongoing presence can recognize specific improvements that would have a dramatic positive effect on the business.

Business Coaching

The traditional Business Coaching relationship tends to focus on “counseling.” Through discussion of the issues important to the entrepreneur, the Business Coach helps him to identify the things he needs to do to make his business better.

Getting Things Done

Through our ongoing presence at the client’s business, The Part-Time CFO, Inc. recognizes the things that need to be done to make the business better. He then meets with the entrepreneur and tells him about those “things.” Then, instead of getting the entrepreneur to agree to do them, The Part-Time CFO, Inc. asks: “Would you like me to do it!”

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