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We help the client make the connection between the physical business and the financial statements. Your financials don’t have to be confusing.

What we Do

We Provide On-Site Accounting Services Customized to Your Business

Imagine This

We guide a company’s accounting operation to effectively communicate financial information. All good business management decisions require that it be reliable.

Accounting Department Tune-Up

This service is for companies where growth requires process modification and a more efficient allocation of personnel along with an increased focus on performance measurement and efficiency. 

A Happy Marriage

We connect knowledgeable accountants setting up an accounting system and tax preparers who have a complete understanding of the tax laws.

A Note from The Part-Time CFO

Hi!  I’m Gary Capolino.  My friends call me Gary.

In 1993, I had a employer who budgeted $10-20,000 to automate his small business accounting.  Uniquely, I did it for $69.95.  Thinking I saw a market opportunity, I thought I could bundle virtually free software with installation, training & support for $5,000.  How could I lose!

I found a way.

It turned out that my prospects were more interested in me being their accountant, rather than buying my software.  The problem was that most of these businesses weren’t large enough to support a full-time accountant.  Thus, I embraced the concept of being their “Part-Time CFO.”

At the time, it seemed like a unique approach to Accounting and Tax Services, and with a few significant clients, I was quickly elevated to a level where quitting my “day job” no longer seemed like a mistake.

Since then, a significant number of accountants have added “Part-Time CFO Services” to their menu, but their view of “Part-Time CFO Services” has never been the same as the services provided by The Part-Time CFO.  It seems like to the rest of the world, “Part-Time CFO Services” amounts to an accountant who has never seen your business dials into your computer, prepares financial statements you can’t understand, mails them to you, and you put them in your file, secure in the belief that you are following the “Best Practices” of getting monthly “Accountant Prepared” financial statements.  In fact, this approach does little to advance your business.

Since 1993, The Part-Time CFO has largely worked at the client’s location to actively work with the client’s staff to more effectively organize the accounting and administration while drawing from the business experience of our staff to advise the client in dealing with the problems never faced in his earlier employee life.  This ongoing advice includes (as a basic service) monthly financial statements we explain to you, coupled with in-depth analysis to help the entrepreneur make decisions based on quantitative results (in your office); tax preparation and tax planning as a regular activity (Not just in April!); problem-solving ranging from evaluating legal issues to dealing with strategic challenges to help advance your business to “the next level.

We also offer free telephone support (within reason) whether you’re a client or not.

Call us at (951) 653-5053 to begin the conversation about your business – Now.

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Do the Complexities of Your Financials Burden You?

If you find you do not have a clear understanding of your business financial statements, it’s probably because they don’t reflect the performance of your company.

Get your questions answered and find out how The Part-Time CFO can give new meaning to the concept of regular monthly financial reporting you can understand.



Book The Part-Time CFO to Speak at Your Next Business Event

Over the last 25 years, Gary Capolino has spoken to various business groups on several subjects relevant to the small business, hosted a radio show on KCAA Radio and presented a three-hour seminar covering the elements of doing all of the right things in managing your business, and a better understanding of the causes of failure. While there is an inventory of subjects presented already which may have meaning in the current time, he is creative enough to produce new subjects to accommodate the needs of specific organizations.

“Recently I was frustrated with my business and wished I had a partner to share the load. Actually, I’ve had one for ten years – The Part-Time CFO!”
David Hoover

Lorenzo’s Pizza

“With The Part-Time CFO I had a great accountant, but what really helped my company was their ongoing business advice.”
John Squier

Victor Valley Fabricators

“I sleep better at night knowing I have your expertise supporting my business.”

Sandra Sanchez

Craftsman Packaging Equipment Service, Inc.

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We Partner With Our Clients for Their Success

We don’t make bad companies good, we make good companies better!  Most organizations truly need accounting expertise, but not on a full-time basis.  If you lack the volume or the resources to hire full-time support,  contact the Part-Time CFO for qualified accounting services and find out how they can partner with you.

The Avantages are Three Fold:

  1. The client benefits from a wider depth of financial and accounting experience then would normally be available to a smaller company;
  2. The client saves from the elimination of the salary associated with a permanent accounting professional;
  3. Mobility and flexibility allow for immediate service when you need it.

The goal is not to limit our contribution to accounting, but to eliminate those circumstances where higher-level personnel perform lower level tasks because of under-utilization. At times, the experience of our consultants can be an effective compliment to your management team. Depending of the demands of our client, The Part-Time CFO, Inc. is there to serve those needs.

Accounting Resources & Articles

Image by Alien0417 via Pixabay 2016

Learn How to Use the “Crash and Burn Strategy”

by Gary Capolino

I have an approach to dealing with business failure I like to call the “Crash & Burn Strategy.” It’s a strategic concept that requires the recognition that the current business isn’t going to make it, and thus, the approach shifts from “saving the business” to “preparing for the afterlife.”


man using a calculator and reconciling his books

Biggest Hazard to Your Business

by Gary Capolino

Approximately eight years ago, I was confronted with some clients that preferred to pay their employees “off the books” rather than deal with the complexities or expense of payroll. 


happy caucasian man with money falling from the above

Optimism vs. Cash Flow

by Gary Capolino

In this podcast, learn what you need to know to deal with the problems that arise in your business.  It can make the difference between success and failure. 

Listen Now >>

No Sales Approach

What Makes Us Different?

There is an old assumption about accounting firms with both Tax Departments and Business Management Departments. The assumption is that the Tax Department can identify problems that can enhance opportunities through the Business Management Department, and the Business Management Department can identify opportunities that can be exploited by the Tax Department.

Sadly, in real life, the Tax Department and the Business Management Department rarely talk, and if they did, professionally, they know very little about what the other department does

Free Consultation

All of our initial consultations are free, but when we meet our clients, we frequently find that their business taxes are prepared by “personal” income tax professionals. We are business tax specialists. We frequently find prospective clients that are paying significant taxes that could be avoided with a separate entity – with immediately advantageous tax elections – except their tax preparer never told them. We tell them in the free consultation!

Free Business Advice

Anyone with any significant business experience can immediately see opportunities in a fresh look at a business they work with. Our tax professionals are no different and frequently will make suggestions based on the information they see in the tax preparation process.

…and we tell the client what we see, for no additional charge.

If You Are Not Happy With Our Service, You Will Find Someone Else!

Uniquely, our clients come back year after year after year. Our client retention is close to 100%. The frequent feedback we get is “I never had anyone explain this stuff before.” When client documentation is missing, we don’t prepare the return without it, we ask you to get it. When the tax documentation you give us doesn’t make sense, we let you know and assist you on getting the information corrected.

And if we’re your Part-Time CFO, you get all of the benefits of our Business Management Services and the Tax Advice we give so freely.

No Sales Approach, We’ll Simply Tell You What We Think.

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