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Part-Time Chief Financial Officer Services…

As today’s small business recognizes tangible success, they also recognize the importance of accounting and financial control. Entry level accountants can be an economic solution, but their lack of depth in experience often limits their ability to provide the requisite control or to meet the informational needs of management. For close to 25 years The Part-Time CFO, Inc. has targeted its services to small growing companies to make ongoing accounting and financial services available at a cost and volume that is more consistent with the actual level of business.

DSC01150The Major Failures of the Small Business Community to Recognize Tax Benefits Specifically Targeted to them are the Result of:

  • When a company experiences serious growth, management frequently realizes that it doesn’t have time for the related accounting and administration. When the revenue comes streaming in, and the bills pile up, they need to be paid and the related information needs to be effortlessly channeled through the accounting system so that objective measurements of the business are promptly communicated to management. While a bookkeeper can pay the bills and deposit the checks, a growing company needs much more financial and accounting support.
  • The Part-Time CFO, Inc. recognizes that as a company experiences dramatic growth, its needs are not limited to accounting. To meet these emerging needs, we employ highly qualified accounting personnel to be part-time chief financial officers. The wide experience of our consultants allows for the opportunity to give practical management and administrative advice to improve the client’s efficiency and profitability. Functioning as a part of your management team is a natural extension of our services.

Free Consultation

The Part-Time CFO’s approach is to evaluate the company’s needs through a NO obligation consultation.

We then pursue a strategy where lower cost personnel are taught to perform those tasks that do not require seasoned accounting judgment.

Keeping It Simple

Our approach is not to reinvent a company’s accounting operation, only to guide it to the more effective communication of financial information. To make good business decisions, management needs to have reliable financial information. We aim to provide that information.

We're Here To Help

The Part-Time CFO, Inc. personnel pursue those tasks (not necessarily limited to accounting) that cannot be performed at the clerical level (i.e. cash management, financial statement preparation, budgeting/financial planning & financial analysis). While not always present at the client’s location, our personnel are always available to be contacted for those circumstances where higher-level judgment is required.

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