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Business Plan Advisory Services

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Business Plan Advisory Services

As a company gets a hold of its financial operations, the next phase of growth is usually attracting external capital to exploit the opportunities in its market. While the recognized solution for under capitalization is funding, attracting such funding requires a high quality business plan.

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  • The business plan is a concise 30-40 page document which gives a detailed description of the whole subject business, both now and into the future. It must give the prospective investor enough information about the company to merit both his interest and investment. Since prospective investors frequently use the business plan to determine whether to look further, it must be both interesting (i.e. describe an exciting business opportunity) and complete.

  • The Part-Time CFO’s approach to writing a company’s business plan is not to instantly produce a document for rapid distribution to potential investors. Its production is a very thoughtful process that requires a very thorough knowledge of the subject business.
  • Through extensive interviews with company personnel, The Part-Time CFO, Inc. gains such knowledge and incorporates it into a document that is carefully reviewed with the same personnel to confirm the accuracy of its content. With the accuracy of the content established, a final draft is produced.

Informed Decision Process

The Part-Time CFO’s approach is not to invent a company’s future for the purpose of producing a business plan. To attract capital, a company needs to have a clear, well thought out view of the future. We guide a company’s senior personnel through a sensible planning process (possibly for the first time) to give detailed thought to the company’s current place and an image of where management wants to take it. This projected image is then presented in the business plan. Management must participate in this process.

Help Is On The Way

When required, The Part-Time CFO, Inc. consults with experts in the fields of manufacturing, marketing and sales in order to assure technical details are properly communicated as well as to get an independent review of the company’s approach to problems in such areas. Finally, a writer not involved in the original production reviews the text so that it can be polished with a fresh view.

Business Planning 101

For the company that has already delved into the process of writing a Business Plan, it’s not too late. The Part-Time CFO, Inc. is happy to provide any technical assistance to help improve the existing plan and better understand some of the elements requiring additional attention.

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