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Accounting Software Installation

In the earlier days of automation, the popular cliché was that computers would replace people. Many brave souls took that bold step forward and never recognized the anticipated staff savings. Instead, they found increased productivity and accuracy in their operations which was offset by the increased volume they could manage. The people remained! With the ongoing advances (over the last 30 years) in the processing speed of computers coupled with the power of the latest software, a new benefit is to be realized – information. With a properly structured accounting system, financial information can be wielded to significant competitive advantage.

Get an EstimateThe Major Failures of the Small Business Community to Recognize Tax Benefits Specifically Targeted to them are the Result of:

  • Today’s accounting software market contains innumerable accounting systems. The key is to understand the informational needs of your organization in order to determine which accounting system will most effectively meet those needs. The cost of the software is no longer an issue as competition has brought prices to very low levels. The expense of installing accounting software is management and professional time, not the cost of the software.
  • Once the accounting software is selected, it needs to be structured so it can produce information important to management. This definition varies from company to company and industry to industry. All balance sheets show financial position. All income statements show profit and loss. Your financial statements should give you the information necessary to determine both how your profits can be increased and how your losses can be minimized while providing an explicit analysis of your assets and liabilities. Even more important is a better understanding of the necessary expenses relevant to effective production and management of the company. Even a $100 accounting package can be tailored to a specific business.

Training Services

After the accounting system is organized, the staff who will be using it need to be trained. Our consultants couple solid accounting and teaching experience to explain the newly defined tasks to your staff. We show them how to efficiently process transactions to reduce the amount of periodic review work which normally accompanies financial reporting.

Thinking Ahead

As a result, the latest advances in computer technology and accounting software design can be harnessed by your retrained staff to produce reliable financial statements which give management the information it needs to effectively compete in today’s marketplace.

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