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Client Testimonials
Some of My Satisfied Clients

Andy Craig,

Edward Jones


“I never met anyone who understood the entrepreneur as well as Gary Capolino.”

Jim Craft



My experience with Gary extends over 20 years during which Gary has functioned as the CFO for several different business enterprises. He has not only provided top-notch accounting and financial reporting, but has negotiated successfully with large governmental bureaucracies that, at times, have posed very substantial potential financial burdens. These negotiations reached successful conclusions in each case, not only due to Gary’s accumulation and presentation of supporting facts, but his ability to present them in a persuasive and non-adversarial manner. I would also mention that his ability to anticipate organizational and financial challenges has been instrumental in avoiding potential problems that might otherwise might have occurred. Gary has been over the years an integral and extremely loyal part of the management team, despite it being on as-needed basis in many cases.

John Squier,

Victor Valley Fabricators


“With The Part-Time CFO I had a great accountant, but what really helped my company was their ongoing business advice.”

Sandra Sanchez,

Craftsman Packaging Equipment Service, Inc.


“I sleep better at night knowing I have your expertise supporting my business.”

David Hoover,

Lorenzo’s Pizza


“Recently I was frustrated with my business and wished I had a partner to share the load.  Actually, I’ve had one for ten years – The Part-Time CFO!”
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