DSCN2662As the Part-Time CFO I have been published in several magazines, newspapers, radio and podcasts. I have spent a number of years procuring and perfecting information for many of my clients to help assist them in the financial freedoms they need in order to run their business successfully. I have included a few published works below and encourage you to subscribe to my website/ newsletter and mailing list, in order to receive some of my insider trade secrets and relevant information that will help keep you running your business successfully.

July 2016:  Crash & Be a Phoenix (Page 14)

June 2016:  The Baseball Metaphor (Page 17)

May 2016:  The Way I do Business (Page 22)

March 2016:  The Path to My Success…or Failure! (Page 28)

February 2016:  The Biggest Hazard to your Business (Page 20)


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