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Gary Capolino is The Part-Time CFO

As the founder of The Part-Time CFO, Inc. Gary Capolino brings qualified accounting support to those organizations lacking the volume or the resources to support full-time accounting and financial personnel. Through his experience as a Chief Financial Officer for small businesses, he has come to realize that such organizations truly need accounting expertise, but not on a full-time basis. Through The Part-Time CFO, Inc., Gary combines his banking, business management and teaching experience to help small businesses to harness the information provided by their accounting systems to bridge the gap from small to medium size.

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Professional BackgroundGary the part-time cfo

Mr. Capolino began his professional career in 1982 as an Accounting Manager with RepublicBank Dallas (since acquired by NationsBank, who later acquired Bank of America) in a newly opened office in New York. He was quickly promoted to Foreign Processing Manager at the corporate headquarters in Dallas, Texas. There he gained extensive experience in developing accounting systems and controls to streamline operations and monitor financial activities in a high growth environment. In 1987, First Interstate Bank hired Gary (moving him to Los Angeles) where he held the position of Manager of Treasury Settlements supporting the foreign exchange and international money market trading functions. In this position, he managed an operation that initiated daily funds transfers (in currencies around the globe) of over $3 billion.


Good In, Good Out

In 1988 Gary joined Sanwa Bank California where he was an Accounting Operations Manager. In that position, he reported to the Senior Vice President level and while functionally responsible for a centralized accounts payable department, pursued a number of special projects initiated by the Office of the President. One project included the design, testing and implementation of a custom inventory control system. In another project the bank accounts payable system was upgraded to enable Electronic Data Interface for the electronic receipt of invoices.

Making a Difference

From 1991-1993, Gary held Controller positions with some smaller companies. There, he supervised financial management functions including contract bidding, purchasing and inventory control. His work with the bidding process exploited historical (cost) information provided by enhancements he implemented in the accounting system. When I was leaving the Banking industry, people asked me what I wanted in my next position.  I said:  “I want to work for an organization where I can see my impact on the success of the company.”


Gary graduated from Alfred University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting in 1982. He passed the CPA Exam in 1986 and became an Enrolled Agent in 2014.

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